Thursday, 15 January 2015


In the last year, I have suffered with an old man Astor Gabuyo from a series of house stealers wanting to take his National Housing Estate Limited (NHEL) unit at 83 Garia Street Saraga. He had lived in his unit for almost 20 years.

In late 2012 he went overseas for medical treatment and his house was invaded by renowned house stealer Alan Baragu and his wife. This is a common practice in PNG that houses are taken by trespassers. We know of one family told to leave at gun point.

I was the only person looking after the old man’s house which then came under attack by two neighbours Jill Kende, member of the family of Madeline Paulisbo senior officer of NHEL.

Danny Manau violent drug body and child molester drifted from house to house until he settled on the unit of Astor Gabuyo. He took over the large family house wind in his parents unit nearby. But he left when his brother burned it down to get rid of his mentally affected brother.

But the two neighbours were afraid that Gabuyo was dying and planned to take the house. They had to get rid of me first. They thought the house would come to me who had been paying the rent for almost 8 years.

This they did by constant harassment and violence. Our reports to the police were ignored. Police corruption reigns supreme when family members of the police become involved and subject to arrest.

Jill Kende had a brother who was a policeman at 6 Mile Police station. All complaints were ignored. She would complain to him on any silly matter and he would come to arrest me.

I would complain and no police would come. Complaints to Metropolitan Superintendant Andy Bawa were ignored. There was a corrupt hidden agenda here.

Then the issue got worse. I had two small girls staying with me. The eldest was 10 years old and soon reported that Danny Manau had been pressing her for sex. 

He moved in to the old man's unit by a series of manoeuvres. He soon took control with threats of violence. He threatened to burn the unit if evicted.

On a number of occasions, he had appeared before the 10 year old girl naked and wanted her to take off her clothes. He came to her room at night and wanted to come in. He touched her sexually. She and her friend moved into my room in the middle of the night.

So Kende and Manau decided to get rid of me with her corrupt relative Madeline Paulisbo of NHEL. They wrote two letters claiming to have come from Astor Gabuyo evicting me.

These they took to NHEL and I was evicted with door smashed down and arrest by corrupt police. The old man was too afraid to say he did not write the letters. Manau used the fake letter to force his way in to stay with the old man. He threatens him with violence if he tries to evict him.

Now I live elsewhere and the old man is starving. I used to give him money and food. I paid his rent that has now 7 months of arrears. I used to pay fortnightly.

This does not concern the corrupt officers of NHEL. Gabuyo will soon be evicted for not paying rent. But NHEL knows that they cut off his capacity to pay by evicting me.

But the issue of child molesting has suffered ongoing police corruption. We complained to the Sexual Offences Squad (SOS) but the complaint was ignored. Constable Martha Maraga took the complaint and never acted on it. Her excuse was that they had no vehicle.

Danny Manau has a history of child molesting including my elder daughter whom he would stop in the lane and demand that she sucks his penis. She was 6 years old at the time. He was evicted from a village in Rigo for molesting a small girl. The Sexual Offences Squad has a fake role.

I meet the old man in the street. He is devastated by what has happened. He has not paid his rent and has no money for power and water bills or food.

He has no way to put a violent trespasser out without being bashed. He is terrified that Manau will see him talking to me. Yesterday I gave Gabuyo all the money I had in my pocket.

I asked corrupt Paulisbo of NHEL to investigate. She told me that NHEL has more to do with big housing projects than to worry about an old man in a rat infested house. Corruption starts with being too busy to give justice to little people. Paulisbo claims to be Christian.

If the old man dies or is evicted for rent not paid, it may be the house will go to violent neighbour Jill Kende member of the Paulisbo (NHEL) family. That is official Christian corruption.

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