Tuesday, 13 January 2015


For a decade now, there has been the unwelcome intrusion into the culture of Papua New Guinea by foreign gays and lesbians working for such organizations as the United Nations and AusAID. Some are still here in UNWomen and UNAIDS.

They are very much like the rangers working for the National Capital District who have set up their own objectives and given themselves the right to discipline those who do not follow their agenda. City rangers are a little like Hitler Youth. When prowling the city they used to carry iron bars.

Gay and lesbian activists punish care organizations and churches by black-banning and blocking funding. They are the modern day Nazis. Hitler attacked families under the pretence of protecting them. In the end, young German children reported their parents for betraying the Fuhrer.

The primary attack of gays and lesbians is on the FAMILY. They want to dismantle family by removing authority of parents. They have decided that all discipline of parents is abuse, thereby robbing parents of any chance of keeping their children on the straight path.

Parents are no longer able to smack a child or discipline them. Gating them is abuse. Strong criticism of a child’s behaviour is abuse. A parent may not make a child do what they do not want to do. That too is abuse.

While there are abusive acts by parents, lesbian/gay/paedophile activists want to extend this to remove all parental authority.

Children have to be taught by parents how to help the household. A boy may need to be taught how to maintain a car and help with the manual labour of the father. A young girl has to help with the house work. This is not child labour but the act of including a child in the work of the family.

Lesbian activists in Papua New Guinea make ridiculous claims of child labour that they have seen through tourist bus windows. One reported on children moving furniture, chopping wood, directing traffic, collecting bottles and selling papers. Poor dears. It must make them so tired.

I have never seen children chopping in the wood selling markets. Moving furniture must have been a one off situation. I have gone looking for children directing traffic and have found none.

There are now organizations setting up in this country to monitor child trafficking. Even this is full of nonsense. I have inherited two small girls. One is the daughter of my daughters’ mother by another marriage. One is her friend. If I do not look after them, they starve. They have not been trafficked.

There must be so many children moving between families. But then that is what the wantok system is all about. Child orphans of HIV parents are passed to extended families and may often be abused. They become the slave Cinderellas of the new family.

Save the Children looks after children one way or another. Only a few years ago, they conducted a gay and lesbian survey in the schools around Goroka.

Advisor: Mary, do you have a best friend?
Mary: Yes I do.
Advisor: Do you love her?
Mary: Yes.
Advisor: I am happy to tell you that you are lesbian.
Mary: Oh?
Advisor: Don’t be ashamed. It is so natural and wonderful.

They complained in the media some time ago that small children were refused condoms by care centres on the basis of being too young. What counselling is given to children that will send them off looking for condoms?

The activists consist of paedophiles who want sex with small children. The task is to get the kids away from parents. Already the police forces of the world are searching internet for paedophiles seeking child pornography.

But the paedophiles have slipped into the human rights picture on the backs of gay and lesbian rights. Parents have to warn their children of stranger danger. For years, I talked to my children about taking care.

What if a man meets you and says your father is in hospital and wants me to come and pick you up at school?

I would not go with him. I would not approach his car but run back to the school to tell my teacher.

What if a man calls you by your name and wants you to get in his car?

I would not get in. I would run in the opposite direction. I would run into a shop. I would run to a woman in the front yard of a house.

Parents are warned never to put a child’s name on his/her school bag.

Hullo Mary. You do not remember me. I am your Uncle Tom. I remember you when you were a baby. I have come to stay with your mum and dad. Get in the car and I will take you home.

I remember a report in the media about 5 years ago of an experiment at an Australian school among grade 3 students.

A man sat outside the school by arrangement with the teachers and invited children into his car. All children accepted the invitation. Not good.

Paedophiles want the age of consent to be lowered. But there is in the world the concept of informed consent. A child cannot consent to sex with an adult as they know nothing about sex.

What if they are taught about sex from an early age? Can they then give informed consent for sex with an adult at the age of 8 years? The gay and lesbian agenda is for gay and lesbian sex to be part of school curriculum. Gays and lesbians can also be paedophile.

The AIDS awareness message in this country has targeted the rights of children. No responsibilities are ever mentioned. The PNG AIDS agenda is paedophile but moving towards the welfare of FAMILY.

AIDS Holistics is proud to be part of this move.

The most blatant attack on family came from France. About two years ago President Hollande and the socialists planned to put forward a legislation to ban school children from doing homework. The standard focus of paedophiles is to get the kids on the street. 

That would do the job really well. Parents would be breaking the law by expecting children to study at home - a virulent attack on family that did not get past the voters.

In Australia, the gays and lesbians had a term of office in the Greens movement. The leader of the gays in parliament was the Green Senator Bob Brown.

They had worn out their welcome by their balance of power. Now the Australian gays and lesbians have probably moved across to the Socialist Left mainly in Victoria.

The Socialist Left was the old Communist Party that sought refuge in the Australian Labor Party many years ago. They were a government within a government.

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