Friday, 9 January 2015


If diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, the secret is not to change your positive lifestyle. If happy, stay happy. If the strength of your family and community, stay that way. If healthy, stay healthy. If you make jokes and people laugh, keep doing that. If you have faith, do not lose it.

If you work in a job, be as punctual, hardworking, loyal and creative as you always have been. If you study, keep on with your plans to graduate and do well. Keep yourself healthy and keep taking your medicine. You may have a long life ahead of you.

If you start to scream and shout, go out and get drunk every night, start promiscuous sex, become violent, hate your family and give trouble in the community, people will know something is wrong.

But if you do not change the person you are and just go on living, supporting and loving, you will stay healthy. You do not have to tell everyone you are HIV positive. Only your close family and friends. There will be no stigma and discrimination if you are still the person you always were.

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