Sunday, 11 January 2015


Over recent months, it has been a pleasant surprise to find that most hits to this blog come from Papua New Guinea. Only a few months ago, the most hits were from Russia and the USA. Now we find that the Czech Republic follows behind PNG. Russia and USA still lead on a monthly basis.

We would like to think that our blog gives considerable insight to readers on a wide range of topics. People are opening the reports in the absence of  any viable reports from the UN that focus almost exclusively on violence of men, abuse of women and rights of children.

It is left up to AIDS Holistics to report to the world on AIDS awareness. Our most read report in recent weeks has been Mend the Gut Lining.

Over Christmas, Papua New Guinea has led the field with 1034 hits in one month. That is not a bad figure for a blog operating for 4 years. Who are they? Our blog has had 161,000 hits in four years.

We could not compete with a blog by Jennifer Lopez. I look nothing like her. But we attract regular readers week by week, month by month and year by year.

We have been told that our Positive Living message is the underground message, read by so many but hidden from the UN gay and lesbian activists who will punish individuals and care groups for their family approach. AIDS Holistics was banned for our family approach in 2002.

UN funds will be blocked. Women and kids are supposed to be free from family. Family is authoritarian. Parents have no authority according to the lesbian activists. 

They can not scold, smack or tell a child to do what they do not want to do. Children can just tell their parents to go to hell. I do not want to wash the car. That is child labour. When I worked on my parents farm, I worked like a man. I was 9 years old.

During the El Nino drought in Queensland in 1957-58, I was 12 years old. My father was ill. My mother and I dragged dying cattle out of the mud of the waterholes by draught horses Blossom and Molly.

I pumped water out of a well by hand for 60 thirsty cattle. I shot dying cattle with a borrowed rifle. We dragged the carcasses away by draught horse. The cows on our farm were like pets. I shot Hazel and Elsie. Now that is child labour.

But we were poor and struggling. What else could we do? Middle class urban lesbian activists should just shut their mouths.

Remember a couple of years ago, President Hollande of France and his gaggle of socialists wanted to legislate that school children did not do homework. Twits. That should keep the kids on the streets and in paedophile beds. It was planned as blatant sabotage of family. Homework is the key to successful study.

Monthly hit tally  161 458

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers

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