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The worst personal attack I have ever suffered came from an anonymous activist who set up an email pretending to be me. My email address was He set up another email with the name

He took my email list and started sending out filthy emails in my name. He then set up an internet report claiming that Bruce Copeland had been sending filthy emails to women. He quoted one white woman married to a PNG man who was called a filthy whore who loved black cocks. 

I was never on the email address. I was saddened when so many people contacted me demanding to be taken off the email list. I later found out that the anonymous person was journalist Malum Nalu who was seeking to destroy Nancy Sullivan and Lydia Kailap who were activists confronting Nalu's employer Rimbunan Hijau on their logging policy in Pomio.

Nalu has never been terminated by The National Newspaper which means he was probably acting as a cyber creep under orders from the Editor or above. He was told to get rid of the logging activists. But he saw a chance to ingratiate himself with the AusAID and UN gays and lesbians by getting rid of AIDS Holistics too. He was then followed by Keith Jackson.

It just so happened that the woman being abused by Nalu was Lydia Kailap who had been criticizing Rimbunan Hijau, She was the white whore. But she put a report on internet that I was not involved but a mentally ill and deranged person who betrays his country and known to her. That was Nalu. He was probably not gay but an opportunist with no sense of ethics.

There are several blog reports now expressing that the founder of AIDS Holistics was the victim of Malum Nalu. That is why I am surprised to read my report below posted on his blog. Perhaps he was trying to divert suspicion from his hate mail. Read Moresby life: the Struggle for Survival two reports down.

Whatever It Takes - Nineteen years and counting in Papua ...

Nov 6, 2011 - That's not a typo, although it is close to the name Bruce Copeland, ...holistic-living HIV advisor--with whom Malum Nalu had a heated exchange in 2009 by email, .... good post Nancy, thanks for filling out some blanks. keep on 

When the blog, PNGexposed, started to run stories critical of RH in Pomio, they began to receive comments from a character named Brice Copeland (with an email address by that name). That’s not a typo, although it is close to the name Bruce Copeland, an Australian Kokoda Trail trek leader, ‘military advisor’, and holistic-living HIV advisor--with whom Malum Nalu had a heated exchange in 2009 by email, regarding references to each other in blogs and the press: one calling the other a neo-colonial with cargo cult mentality, the other defending his homophobia in the press by calling other AIDs advisors, newspaper editors, and critics in general anti-family gays, etc. The name, just a typo away from the known individual, has been used on PNGexposed to flog some of the most hateful and paranoid sentiments ever known to ‘social’ media. 

malum nalu - journalist and cyber creep - family positive 20, 2013 - Malum Nalu has taken it on himself to destroy any activists speaking out on .I have only just realized through the report of Nancy Sullivan that  ...

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