Saturday, 24 January 2015


Please read the report below AIDS Holistics has come a long way. Keith Jackson pours scorn on our work. We have not come far in our suggestion that HIV in a vagina could be killed by cold water. The drug companies would ignore the suggestion. 

We have to help women raped in rural villages and unable to get to hospital in time for ARV rape treatment. Or a woman having sex with a husband she knows is not faithful to her.

Jackson talks about loopy ideas. AIDS Holistics has raised the issue of water in removing the virus from the vagina of a woman.

Research shows that the virus is very fragile and will die quickly in cold, hot or bleach. There are references in the report below. Please click:

HIV is fragile by nature and is also extremely sensitive to even
small fluctuations in temperature and the presence of oxygen.
Outside of strictly controlled ...

Researchers say that the virus can not live in the outside environment. A vagina of cold water would be equivalent to bringing the outside environment inside.

It may at least immobilize the virus and the Langerhans cells that capture the virus to be engulfed by the mucosa cells. HIV is as active as leaves in a pool of water.

How long does HIV take to be engulfed on the cervix? Remember it is in a pool of sticky semen. What do you think, adjunct professor Jackson? 1 minute? 5 minutes? 45 minutes? 2 hours?

If I were a woman, I would even flush my vagina with cold 500 ml bottles of Coca Cola or a pressure pack can of spray deodorant.

I would shake the Coca Cola bottle as kids do before a coke fight. That is creative not loopy. It could do no harm but may save a mother from infection.

Most great ideas in the world are innovative. It may only take a short while for HIV to be absorbed. That is what AIDS Holistics has been asking the experts.

Five minutes may be enough time to flush the virus. Sit in a cold river or the sea and flush water through the vagina. Remember the virus dies in cold water so the researchers say. Be quick. It may save you from infection.

Raped women need a way of self-help if their village is 3 days walk from a health centre where they can obtain anti-rape ARV drugs.

Anti-rape ARV treatment has to take place within 12 hours of infection. Most women in villages are too far away. Adjunct professor Jackson could not see that. He was too busy being stupid, vindictive and supporting gays and paedophiles.

He told lies when he wrote above that our suggestion was a strong jet of water in the vagina.  He was trying to ridicule. Interfering fool.

Silly Dr Wendy Holmes of Burnett sent a scornful email to say that water would only disperse the virus through the body. What rubbish !! The vagina leading to the cervix is a sealed pipe that opens to admit sperm to the uterus. Will it remain sealed for enough time to destroy HIV?

Up to the 1940s and 1950s, women would clean the sperm out of their vagina with a rubber douche. The principle is the same.

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