Tuesday, 13 January 2015


The National 13 January 2015

Over recent years, we have been treated to media reports from Medecins Sans Frontieres in PNG that put out a range of slippery figures on “survivors” of family violence in the country. The record keeper seems to play games with the figures.

One can be forgiven for believing that the figures are written to make the situation worse than it really is. It is they who have coined the term “survivors”. If someone hits you, then the term applies to you.

One of the apparent lesbian activist tricks is to lump all figures together to be labelled as violence to women and girls. In the media today, we read that MSF looks after survivors of family violence, general violence, emergency medical care and tuberculosis services.

From past experience, we can be sure that domestic violence figures will be lumped together with general violence that will add several thousand violent attacks to the domestic violence figures.

The figures will not differentiate between men and women, boys and girls. All figures will become statistics of violence of men to women, even violence of women to men.

354 violence to women + 24687 general violence to men and women = 25 041 violence to women

A report may state that 86% of women have suffered from violence in the home and elsewhere. Inclusion of ‘elsewhere’ means anywhere else on the planet at any time from childhood. That statistic is fake.

If Medecins Sans Frontieres wants to be credible in their statistics, they have to be more specific in their figures for men and women:

Required surgery
Admitted to hospital
Injury to unborn baby
Sexual abuse of a child
Sexual abuse of a woman
Violence to a man
Homosexual abuse
Basic first aid
Domestic violence
General violence.

We have suffered from a general campaign of fake figures from UN advisors. These figures only serve to reduce credibility. Medecins Sans Frontieres once told the community that 64% of PNG men confess to gang rape. Liars. How would they possibly obtain such a figure?

Now the UN activists are relying on outside organizations to produce the fake figures. Successful liars from the outside organizations may end up employed in the United Nations.

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