Friday, 16 January 2015


The question does arise as to whether or not expatriates can be bashed and violated by PNG citizens and all complaints ignored by police.

The question also arises as to whether or not there is racism in the PNG police against expatriates. Please read the report below entitled Child Molester goes Free.

There was a vicious house stealing in Saraga in which an old man lost his Housing Commission home to neighbours who were determined to steal the house. They succeeded with the help of corrupt NHEL officers and police. He lives there still but his house is now in the hands of a violent marijuana smoking drug body.

The other white man was the one who faced most violence. He complained to the police but his complaints were ignored by the police at 6 Mile. Over a year, he complained to the Metropolitan Superintendant Andy Bawa but all complaints were ignored. Bawa seemed to have a corrupt  hidden agenda.

The woman house stealer Jill Kende bashed the white man on several occasions. But the last time she bashed him at the gate with a large piece of wood, he swore at her. 

So she had him arrested by corrupt officers at Gordons police and he ended up in the cells, released on K600 bail. This is blatant police corruption. He insulted her after she assaulted him. She demanded he leaves the unit and he refused to go. He spent the night in the cells.

The case was dismissed in Municipal Court because the woman never turned up. Her complaint was in a fake name. But that is alright. Her brother is in the police.

The questions arise as to whether or not this is racism against expatriates. Any expatriate who complains is ignored to the top. Any complaint against an expatriate is pursued with a car load of police.

The question arises as to whether or not the police had a corrupt relationship with NHEL housing officers and on the take with proceeds from any stolen house.

One problem is that senior officers can not control corruption from subordinate officers. They just have to allow the subordinates to carry out any arrest and charge regardless of being corrupt. The Police Station Commanders tried to help but could not stop corruption in their own station.

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