Friday, 23 January 2015


Over the last 10 years, AIDS Holistics has come a long way from hate mail that we 

used to get. The most vicious attack came in 2011 when the gay and lesbian activists 

of AusAID and the UN tried to push the gay and lesbian sex legislation through 


AIDS Holistics published a view of the problems that will come with gay and lesbian sex legalized. There will be an automatic move to have gay and lesbian sex legalized in the school curriculum as low as primary school. 

There will be a push for adoption of children. The Russians have banned overseas adoption of Russian orphans by foreign gays and lesbians. There will be a push to ban the Christian view on homosexuality taken from Scripture.

There was corruption in the PNG Government. The first Director of the National AIDS Council,was giving full secret support to the foreign gays and lesbians. He was rewarded with a posting to Australia to work for Burnett. As Secretary for Health he opposed strongly any criticism. He was corrupt.

For our trouble, Keith Jackson of blog PNG Attitude decided to destroy AIDS Holistics. He wrote a series of reports on his blog claiming that the founder of AIDS Holistics was trying to destroy his blog and had no right to criticize the Secretary for Health. He did not mention the Head of Burnett the corrupt gay Professor Toole.

AIDS Holistics is now the main source of AIDS information in the Pacific zone. All hate mail has stopped. Our blog is opened by over 1000 PNG readers a month. 

The Secretary for Health is no longer involved with the National HIV/AIDS response. He was too much on the side of a corrupt gay and lesbian agenda. The head of Burnett was a corrupt gay doctor Professor Micheal Toole affectionately known as Melina. Please click:

Now Copeland attacks PNG's head of health - Keith Jackson 28, 2011 - BY KEITH JACKSON SELF-PROCLAIMED HIV/AIDS guru, spammer, reputation trasher and visa overstayer Bruce Copeland..

Since the report above was posted two days ago, Jackson has deleted the report. But we have another. It does not look good. He should stand for what he has written.  Please click:


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