Wednesday, 11 January 2017


The National 11 January 2017

There are two reports in the media today that ignore the foreign UN lesbian nonsense led by the UN meri-man from UN Women. This is the violence of men to women in Papua New Guinea.

Kokopo Market:  The CEO market Gosley Tunian talks of the need for law and order in the Kokopo market. But he is only talking of cleanliness and making the areas orderly for sellers and customers.

No mention whatever made of the mythical violence men to women in the markets.

Public Transport: Manu resident wrote a letter to the editor on the need to improve the public transport system in Port Moresby for the comfort of residents travelling to and from town.

The comment is made that the new transport system must be "free of political and ethical manipulation". 

Reference is surely being made to the false propaganda of foreign lesbians naively supported by the Governor Powes Parkop.

No mention whatever made of the mythical violence of men to women on public transport.

This was all started by lesbian predator, con-woman and liar Elizabeth Cox who presents herself on Google as being an independent consultant on gender, having lived and worked in Papua New Guinea for many years.

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