Friday, 6 January 2017


The Papua New Guinea Government knows nothing of poppers. The drug is banned in some overseas countries.

Over the last 50 years,  gay men have been using a drug amyl or butyl nitrate  that they call poppers. 

It gives men a high and relaxes smooth muscle including the muscle of the penis and smooth muscle of the anus and rectum. With a slack penis, gay men rely on using their fists. Please click:

Gay Poppers - Power Poppers

When gay guys snort poppers while having sex, the combination of temporary ego loss and becoming a total sex-pig can tempt them to do riskier stuff than they ...

Poppers are to be inhaled not ingested as the drug can cause death. It can be bought in gay shops throughout the world.

Paedophiles groom young boys with poppers. Once a young boy has inhaled the chemical, he is gay for life.

We must never forget the role of pain. If we did not feel pain, we could put our hand into a fire and not take it out until it becomes cooked steak. Pain tells a gay man that his anus and rectum are being torn. Please click:

gays destroy anuses - family positive living - aids holistics

Jul 25, 2015 - GAYS DESTROY ANUSES. It is amazing to find that gay men find sexual pleasure in fisting a partner. This involves pushing a fist into the ..

A fist or forearm in the anus will take the smooth muscle past the elastic limit with tissue torn. Many gay men use poppers with viagra. That is why the manufacturers warn that viagra must not be used with nitrates. It can cause heart failure.

Google reports warn that overuse of poppers can contaminate the blood and turn the colour brown. That is a fatal situation for a gay man.

Once gay and lesbian sex is decriminalised, the sale of poppers can not be stopped by the Government.

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