Monday, 30 January 2017


Imagine UN lesbians pushing free seats for women into the US Congress. They think PNG is a banana republic with mickey mouse seats in parliament and nothing to do with the will of the people - seats for lesbians.

There is an advertisement in The National newspaper on the Practice Parliamentary Session for women arranged by UNDP. 

Five years ago, it was arranged by UN Women to put 22 Reserved Seats for Women through as legislation. It failed badly. Now they are back for the 2017 election.

Women to stand for parliament and those just waiting around for a free seat are to attend a week long workshop to learn parliamentary skills except how to be accountable to and care about voters, particularly men.

The media is invited to cover the workshop. There will undoubtedly be focus on the last training activity which is a mock debate of a bill. It will surely be a bill on the 22 reserved seats. 

The lesbian journalist activists will splash the debate across the media in the weeks prior to the 2017 election. 

The foreign lesbians are a pushy lot of women who want women to get into parliament the lazy lesbian way with no accountability to the voters. Once the seats are there, the lesbian tricks will start.

The 22 seat bill will undoubtedly be presented to parliament as a private member's bill by a well known NCDC activist politician. 

That will be followed by a change to the Marriage Act bill with legalization of gay and lesbian sex and adoption of PNG children by foreigners. 

Adoption by foreigners was banned by the Russian parliament or Duma 5 years ago. PNG sovereignty is under attack. 

Mr Trump please help. The UN in Papua New Guinea has a racist arrogance that has to be stopped. 

They think their strategies are lesbian brilliant but they are as stupid as a crowd of school girls. Their hidden agenda is quite obvious.

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