Monday, 16 January 2017


It is a welcome relief after months of rubbish media hype from the foreign lesbians to read about love, rights and responsibilities in marriage.

It was started in The National newspaper letters to the editor by Koyahz, Neni and Niape talking of the rights and responsibilities of men and women in marriage. They talk of the contract of expectations between a couple in their gender equity.

Men and women give their hearts to another in the expectation that the love, caring and support they give will be returned to them. Problems arise when one of the partners breaches the contract of love.

I love you and you love me.

I support you and you support me.

I protect you and you protect me.

I am faithful to you. You be faithful to me.

You give me money and I look after your family.

I am kind to you and you are not violent to me.

I love your children and you love my children.

I give you equality and you give me equality.

In too many marriages there is inequality in the relationship. The fault can lie with both men and women.

In the modern era, there are women who want to be equal to men in going out, drinking beer and home brew, having sexual relationships outside of marriage and being violent and abusive to the spouse. 

It is time for the community to look inwards to the families. We need to ignore the hate messages of foreign UN activists who think only of RIGHTS of women and girls. 

They have a hidden agenda to destroy the family unit and ignore that all people also have RESPONSIBILITIES.

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