Wednesday, 25 January 2017


The Governor of National Capital District is the senior officer responsible for public transport. There has never been a problem up to now. 

The Governor has not been concerned with security. No inspectors or security guards have had to be appointed as there has never been trouble.

But then suddenly the foreign lesbian feminists have decided that men abuse women in public transport across the world. 

So they call on the Governor to ignore his responsibility of security of public transport and go girly-girly.

He blames men for abuse of women on the public transport that he is responsible for. The white lesbians called on him to buy a girly girly bus for the 250,000 women of Port Moresby. 

Women and girls of Port Moresby are likely to catch the girly girly bus once every 3 years. What if there is violence among women on the girly girly bus? Will women give up their seats to other women? Probably not. Only men give up their seats to women. Hahaha.

Parkop supports the white lesbians. As well, he supports gay and lesbian rights. This explains why he is anti-men and anti-fathers. Whatever women say about violence of men is acceptable to this member of parliament elected by the people.

What of his responsibility to the men and women who voted for him? What of his support for HeforShe and his responsibility to parliament?

Has Parkop been offered a senior post in the UN New York? But first he has to put white lesbian bills to parliament on (1) the 22 reserved seats for women in parliament (2) decriminalization of gay and lesbian sex and (3) foreign adoption of PNG children.

Dame Carol Kidu may have been made such an offer but lost her chance with her view that young women should live and be protected in loving families. Dame Carol expressed her support for young women in family in a media statement.

The white lesbians were not pleased. They wanted young PNG women to be cared for in white lesbian beds. Parkop has to turn a blind eye to all this.

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