Thursday, 12 January 2017


This country is in the grip of a group of sexist and racist UN paedophiles both gay and lesbian who are determined to destroy the Melanesian family. They have started by an outrIght attack on men.

They want to destroy marriage and the relationship of a father to his daughters. They defame the men of the nation with false accusations of violence to women supported by the national running-dogs in care groups and the National Capital District Commission.

The leader has been lesbian predator Elizabeth Cox who puts herself forward on Google as the world authority on gender in Papua New Guinea. But she is a lesbian con-woman and liar. 

All the lesbian predators of the world love her. She used to have young teenage girls living with her whom she called her adopted daughters.

She has been followed by a succession of racist expatriate lesbians and gay men who support the original false reports that all PNG men are violent to women.

Now they have the support of Governor Powes Parkop who seems to have gone back to his old lawyer tricks of telling whatever lies are necessary to win the case. The fact is that most successful lawyers in Papua New Guinea are liars.

If Parkop wants to take me to Court for defamation, let him bring his evidence on abuse of women on public transport in Port Moresby. He would have none. Perhaps he could bring a UN lesbian to be his authority.

He is supposed to be the senior executive in National Capital District but allows himself to make false statements on men using public transport. The foreign lesbians are leading him around like a little yapping dog.

Good men and women of Port Moresby should not vote for him in the next election. He has done more harm to women than a dozen lesbian paedophiles by destroying houses at Morata in preparation for a freeway. 

Perhaps he is trying to change the focus away from destroying houses. There are so many families turned into refugees by the corrupt action of Parkop. There was a better way to handle the clearing of houses, many of which were on private land.

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