Friday, 27 January 2017


There is women-only transport in cities across the world. In Moslem countries, women have their own travel compartments in compliance with the requirements of Islam.

The worst is Mexico City that is being devastated by the violence and killings of drug cartels. There is a report on Google of two men in Mexico recently beheaded by chain-saw.

In most other cities, the women-only transport is by trains with separate and coloured compartments reserved for women. We have all seen US movies of long urban trains with passengers sitting in seats facing inwards and a long walk-way from carriage to carriage.

Critics do regard women only transport as self-defeating as it encourages men to attack women travelling in the all-gender compartments. The reasoning is that these women are inviting sexual attack. What if they are travelling with husbands or sons?

Women-only transport in Port Moresby is nonsense. Violence to women on Port Moresby public transport is fake propaganda by foreign lesbian feminists. 

Recently the media reported that women are groped on public transport. They are hassled as they come on board and intimidated by abusive cat calls. 

This was probably written by one of the meri-men heads of UNAIDS or UN Women. They will never be attacked on public transport as they are too ugly.

Transport in Port Moresby is by small 26 seater buses. Buses overseas are often long with two compartments to be entered by women and men at the front and back of the bus.

PNG women are supported on public transport by good men. There is no room to move but sit quietly until the end of the journey.

There are women-only taxis overseas. Sometimes I wish there were such taxis in Port Moresby. I often worry when my teenage daughters come home at night by taxi. 

There have been incidents in the past when a woman has been raped by the driver. Foreign drivers are often women but that brings problems for the driver in being attacked by men.

Similar incidents can occur on an empty bus when a lone woman is taken off into the bush and raped by the driver and boskru or conductor. 

The attacks occur when the bus has no other men or women passengers. I advise my daughters and other young women never to catch an empty bus particularly in the early night.

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