Tuesday, 10 January 2017


The National 11 January 2015

There is a fake report on the success of the Meri Seif bus in Port Moresby that is claimed to protect women and girls from mythical attacks by men. 

The photo shows a bus full of two women and a child. The report claims to cater to the needs of 15,000 women and girls of the city each month. 

There are more than 30 bus routes in the city to cater for 400,000 men, women and children a day and only one lone Meri Seif bus. This means that the project is a UN lesbian exercise in stupidity.

Most women would want to use the scheduled buses on their daily trips to town. They know that attacks of men on women in public transport are figments of foreign lesbian imagination. 

To catch the girly-girly bus means they have to leave their husbands and sons at home. Either that or the husbands or sons have to wait for a scheduled bus. What lesbian nonsense !!

But it shows that the foreign lesbians are doing something. First they make up a fake scenario of women being attacked. 

Then they get the Governor of NCDC to support their lies. He foolishly supports them with one eye on the 2017 election.

In 6 months, they will claim that they have stopped the attacks of men on public transport. But the truth is that there never were attacks. 

Public transport here is as peaceful as anywhere over the world. Men politely stand to give seats to women. Most women take the seat and never say thank you.

The foreign lesbians are trying to set up a fake picture of men attacking women. Then they will announce they have solved the problem when they claim the imaginary attacks have stopped.

Shame on you Dr Jeffrey "meri-man" Buchanan, Country Representative of UN Women and you are a man too. Have you learned to tell lies like the women you represent?

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