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Care groups please show this report to your doctor then use to help HIV sufferers with their daily treatment. It is a check-list of accurate procedure.

You have suffered from chronic diarrhoea for the last six months and gone for an AIDS test. You have been diagnosed HIV positive. 

Your CD4 count is 600 and you have been told to come back for further testing in 2 months time. 

The HIV is attacking the CD4 in your blood and damaging the small intestine. Absorption is slowing down through the small intestine hence the diarrhoea.

By now, your count has dropped to 400 and the doctor has started you on ARV medication. You have been advised not to default on your medication.

Within a month, your diarrhoea has stopped thanks to daily doses of ARV , twice a day or once a day according to the type and the antibiotic Septrin or other antibiotics. 

Antibiotics attack bacteria in the gut that causes infection and diarrhoea. The viral load has also dropped and will remain so with continued medication.

The CD4 count has risen with the result that the gut lining has started to mend and allow the absorption of water, nutrients and salts.

You now have to take care. Google reports tell us that HIV infection and ARV have links with diabetes two with the build up of fat around the organs, face and stomach (lipodystrophy) and the loss of fat on the arms and legs (lipoatrophy).  Please click:

HIV and Lipodystrophy | Understanding HIV/AIDS | AIDSinfo

Nov 18, 2016 - Lipodystrophy refers to the changes in body fat that affect some people with HIV. Lipodystrophy can include buildup or loss of body fat.

You are advised to look after yourself. Eat more fruit and vegetables with greens each day and less fat. Leafy greens, broccoli and oranges also give Vitamin C.

Exercise daily and drink plenty of clean water. Do not smoke or drink too much alcohol. All these will reduce your capacity to follow Positive Living.

Do not eat rubbish fatty food from the market. This will increase your build up of fats through lipodystrophy.

There was a foolish young man in Port Moresby who could not be told. He was HIV positive and boozed every night in the care centre he had pushed his way into. 

He chain smoked, ate rubbish food and suffered lipodystrophy from fatty food. He abused his family. Now he is dead. Please click:

foolish man dies of aids - family positive living - aids holistics

Mar 2, 2016 - I was warned that he was a con-man who bashed his wife. He talked 
about Positive Living but ignored all the steps to living in ...

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