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The National 17 January 2017

National Capital District Commission is the breeding ground for young thugs.

We read in the media the holier-than-thou words of NCD Governor Powes Parkop that there be zero tolerance on Gender Based Violence. 

He has moved on from his fantasies of violence of men to women on public transport in Port Moresby. This would have to be the height of double-talk and hypocrisy. 

The greatest incidence of gender based violence is at the hands of NCDC thugs moving around the streets with chains and iron bars to attack street sellers mainly young and older women. 

Tables are smashed with wares and money stolen to be shared among the thugs. Many probably join the gangs not to receive pay but to steal from sellers. 

Any thug can join with a false name. NCDC is a criminal's paradise for any thug who wants to join a gang and bash citizens in the street.

Nothing appears to have been done by Parkop despite many calls from the public for him to intervene. He is a lawyer and most lawyers can not lead a rat up a drainpipe. He may be a judge one day. Mr Justice Parkop, champion of women's rights.

With the move of the public transport to Unagi Oval beside Gordons market some months ago, a team of young men were employed by the Commission to supervise the arrival and departure of buses or PMVs.

Within a month, they were bullying the public who came to catch a bus. It is likely that the young thugs at the bus stops today have come from the Unagi field after the work was complete.

I have seen NCD thugs attack a seller on the roadside in a wheel chair. They wanted to take his goods and money. I intervened and they walked away.

Some 18 months ago. I stopped a gang of NCDC bus stop thugs from bashing a young man with rocks at Waigani bus stop. There was a pile of rocks on the footpath and they had all armed themselves. Please click:


May 1, 2015 .. by a bus stop thug employed by the National Capital District 
Commission (NCDC). ... There were about 10 bus stop thugs attacking a young man

I stood between him and the thugs and told them to drop their rocks. An AFP policeman told me later they could hear me shouting all the way to Waigani police station. I put the young man on a bus and told him not to come back.

Young thugs probably think that violence is acceptable to the Governor so they terrorize the road side sellers. 

How are they selected and trained? Do they produce a police clearance and educational certificates? Is there a chain of command? Are they supervised? Are they literate?

Are they given basic training in their job or is thuggery with iron bars OK to Governor Parkop? Are they just a gang of raskols arrived to take part in official Gender Based Violence?

At least Parkop no longer talks of men abusing women on public transport. He is a Governor who has misled the public. Let him clean up his own mess first and not pass the blame to men of Port Moresby. Good trick.

The public is not stupid. They know that public transport is peaceful and safe for women and girls. There is no need for the girly girly bus.

Why can NCDC not hire a security firm to keep the Gordons Market bus stops safe?

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