Monday, 23 January 2017


HeforShe is a movement led by Emma Watson who played Hermione Grainger in the Harry Potter series of movies. 

It appears to be a well intentioned movement to draw men into gender equality with women.

Emma as the UN Ambassador for gender equality rightly believes that men and women should work together.

Why then have PNG people never heard of HeforShe? Why is it hidden? It may well have been quickly taken over by the lesbian man haters who do not want to work with men. They want to defeat men.

Google reports that Governor Powes Parkop has committed himself to HeforShe. He may not be committed to the men and women who voted for him nor the PNG parliament. 

Google quotes Parkop in support of gays, lesbians, transvestites and sex workers. Is this the real Parkop? No mention of paedophiles.

The women-only buses are part of a world wide hoax that all men are violent to women on public transport. 

Parkop must take care not to destroy his credibility with good men and women and put himself on the side of lying and cheating white lesbian predators. 

HeforShe is a white feminist movement with the agenda of women taking control from men. It is not allied to the black feminist movements as represented by Beyonce. 

Parkop has thrown support behind the foreign lesbian activists who seek to destroy family and take the young PNG girls for sex.

One celebrity pointed out that the movement should be called HeandSheforUs.

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