Wednesday, 19 July 2017


The world is suffering from a pandemic of HIV/AIDS and a plague of paedophiles. The refugees from Syria have undoubtedly lost thousands of children on the refugee trail at the hands of child trafficking paedophiles.

They are in all sectors of society as a secret clandestine group that includes doctors, teachers, lawyers, priests, pastors, scout and girl guide leaders, welfare officers and consultants working in the AIDS response.

They want sex with our girls and boys. It is their plan to lure children into sex. They meet them on internet, in the street and in nightclubs that encourage underage children to come for the benefit of the paedophile clientele.

They target children from broken homes and promise to give them love, caring, shelter and a bed. That is why activists work to destroy family solidarity by removing the rights of parents.

They will groom the child first by kindness, hugs and gifts. They will show them pornographic films of children engaged in sex. They will buy them clothes and help them undress and dress.

Then the paedophile man will put his penis into the anus of a young boy amid the screams of pain as his anal sphincter is torn open.

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