Tuesday, 4 July 2017


The gay and lesbian lobby wants to underplay the danger of HIV to boost gay and lesbian rights.

A Kokoda walk was sponsored by the Papua New Guinea National AIDS Council with the slogan "Stronger than you think".

This can give a very false impression of the danger of the HIV virus in the absence of a comprehensive and accurate picture of HIV and AIDS. 

Some people will think that antiretroviral medication enables them to have safe sex with HIV negative partners.

We read in the media of "viral suppression" which does not mean that the health of the HIV sufferer has gone back to normal with HIV removed from the hiding places in the body.

Antiretroviral medication removes the virus from the blood but not from the hiding places. The virus in the blood attacks the CD4 cells in the gut lining and slowly blocks the capacity of the body to absorb nutrients, salts and water. 

Hence the sufferer loses weight and looks like a skeleton with broken finger and toe nails and hair falling out.

When the person defaults on ARV, the virus rebounds out of the hiding places and goes back in greater numbers in the blood.

The sufferer returns to a progression to full blown AIDS with loss of nutrients, salts and water, slow dementia with hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, weight loss, memory loss and ultimate death.

PLWHA can live long with antiretroviral medication taken daily and Positive Living. When the virus is destroyed by drugs in the hiding places, the world will know it as headlines in the media and will call the drug a cure.

But not yet. We are stronger than we think only with a regime of antiretroviral drugs and Positive Living.

The new generation of AIDS advisors has only known of free ARV drugs. Most will have never seen a walking skeleton with full blown AIDS. They may only see some fat PLWHA who suffer from lipodystrophy.

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