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My family looked after Linda for three years with my small son. Both died in 2002 and 2003 in the era before free antiretroviral drugs. 

Linda became deeply demented in final AIDS believing that she was being hunted by evil spirits. My daughters were terrified to be told that evil spirits waited at night in a tree outside the house.

Wecare is an organization set up by Father John Glynn to support men women and children who need support. Programme manager says that many such people have no one to turn to. 

There are people who are unattended because of what they have done to make people dislike them. Women with HIV are abandoned or thrown out of the house to live somewhere else.

Comment: HIV/AIDS is a pandemic that can not be solved. There is no point in blaming families or care groups as the problem is far more complex than that. 

Media reports are that 48% of PLWHA in this country are not on antiretroviral drugs and are slowly dying with body wasting and dementia. They may live the maximum of 9-12 years.

PNG has an extensive rural population that can not obtain ARV medication because of distance from care centres

Some may have taken ARV once but can not get back for a resupply. They are locked into immunity, viral rebound and death.

Many do not have the money for transport to and from the village. They are afraid to reveal their status within the village so they default on the drug and slowly sink to death with dementia and weight loss.

Villagers may see their drop in health and assume that this is the result of sorcery. Some innocent people have to be blamed and killed for an infection that started in the victim many years before.

In later stages of HIV/AIDS, the sufferers will be demented. with many losing their memories and wandering off to town. 

They can not remember how to get back home. Young women may be stranded in town and wander like lost sheep. They may be raped by men.

Others may have become violent with dementia. They will terrorize family members and scream at night in fear of being attacked by evil spirits. This is a feature of increasing dementia.

Some may go and come to the house having smoked marijuana and drunk beer or home brew. They destroy the family with their violence and mental instability. 

Some PLWHA were violent and criminal before infection and they stay that way. They do their best to take whatever they can from care groups. Many smoke and booze and ignore Positive Living.

What can be done? The sad fact is that there have to be casualties. The blame lies with the virus not the families. 

But so many HIV sufferers are cared for by loving families. They may go on for decades with ARV medication. 

They go on with their marriage, studies, work and bring home pay to the family. They look after their spouse and always use a condom with the ARV.

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