Wednesday, 26 July 2017


I am concerned to read reports that foreign organizations Child Fund and Save the Children are planning to be involved in literacy in PNG schools. Has there been authorization from the Department of Education?

My concern is that these organizations once employed mainly lesbian women who may now focus on school curriculum.

Does this mean that the Personal Development curriculum is the main target? If so, they plan to add a focus on gay and lesbian sex with same sex marriage.

The Green gay and lesbian party did not win a single seat in the recent election as they had nothing to offer except a secret agenda on gay and lesbian sex.

Most teachers in PNG are middle aged men and women with children and grand-children who would refuse to teach students about same sex relations.

There would be uproar in most PNG schools if the Personal Development teachers started telling boys they could marry men and girls that they could marry women. 

Teachers would go on strike. Parents would come shouting at the Headmaster and demanding that the Personal Development teacher be removed from the school. There would be chaos.

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