Thursday, 27 July 2017


Every box of gay rights has poisonous snakes called paedophiles.

World leaders rush in print to say they are proud to support gay and lesbian rights . They are ashamed that they opposed these rights in the past. There is both naivety and dishonesty in their support.

They believe the propaganda that men have the right to love men. Women have the right to love women. What about the children?

There is an evil side of the coin with paedophiles using gay and lesbian rights to sexually harm children. Kids are not safe anymore either on the streets or on internet.

A massive army of paedophiles in the world expects that the rights to sex with children will come with gay and lesbian rights. They just have to pretend to be gay.

Gay rights are based on the paedophile agenda. They want (1) the age of consent to be lowered for children to have sex with adults and (2) children to be adopted by same sex couples. Children will often be handed over for abuse by paedophiles pretending to be gay and lesbian step-parents.

Gays and lesbians never distance themselves from paedophiles whom they regard as their brothers in sex.

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