Monday, 3 July 2017


The world of soft target Christian countries is giving full rights to gays and lesbians but ignoring the danger to children of paedophiles. They are allowed to adopt children who might otherwise be heterosexual.

There is a problem in the world in that HIV/AIDS is decimating the gay community that does not use condoms together with infections from gut parasites and anal infections.

Something has to be done to trick the boys and girls into believing that a gay and lesbian lifestyle has true love and safe from early death.

Yet HIV/AIDS infects gays more than any other group in the world. The mind set on AIDS has to be changed.

So gay activists are telling the world that the HIV virus is not harmful with antiretroviral drugs. Sufferers can have safe sex without a condom. HIV has been dissected away from AIDS.

They ignore the fact that across the world millions of HIV sufferers have no access to ARV drugs and die of full blown AIDS, dementia, delusions, hallucinations, weight loss, paranoia and death.

Valentine Tangoh is the  misinformation gay spokesman for the PNG National AIDS Council.

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