Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Rights at the expense of other people are not rights at all.

The world is rushing to give full rights to gays and lesbians in sex and marriage. Anyone who disagrees is homophobic according to the activists.

The view has been expressed by the ex-president Obama and the past Governor General of Australia that it is lovely that everyone has the right to marry whomever they want to marry. This is a naive view.

The marketing department of the gay and lesbian lobby has been as corrupt as the Nazi Gestapo propagandists blaming the Jews for every wrong. 

Men are getting the blame in the gay, and lesbian world, all except for paedophiles of course. Many gays and lesbians are paedophile too.

The gay and lesbian rights campaign has run parallel to the HIV/AIDS campaign and at most points, the two campaigns have merged.

The HIV/AIDS campaign has been hijacked by the gay and lesbian lobby. It is being used to market the gay and lesbian lifestyle with unsavoury aspects strictly censored.

The act of gay and lesbian love centres around anal sex. The anus is often torn by a hand thrust into the rectum tearing the gut lining and allowing the entry of infection. CENSORED.

The gay man licks the anus of a partner and often swallows faeces which can be laden with hideous eggs that take over the gut and destroy the epithelial lining. CENSORED.

The gay men can suffer from HIV and parasites in the gut that can cause early death. But do not tell the boys about this we do not want to frighten them away. CENSORED. We have the right to gay sex with underage boys. This makes the gays paedophile.

So the paedophile marketing department makes sure that gut parasites and anal damage from gay fisting are never mentioned in the PNG national AIDS response. CENSORED.

The head of the PNG gay marketing department appears to be Valentine Tangoh. He is passing out misinformation through the PNG media. 

He is blaming care groups and families for the problems of LGBT men, women, boys and girls. Gay men who have unprotected sex with boys are never mentioned by Tangoh. They are infecting the boys they have seduced into sex.

The gay Gestapo propaganda campaign has not stopped there. They do not want to frighten the boys and girls away so they are trying to spread the false report that HIV can be suppressed by ARV. 

Then the person can go back to normal. The virus remains in the hiding places for the life of the sufferer. Do not tell the boys and girls that. CENSORED.

This is criminally false. Those gays, lesbians and paedophiles who spread these false reports should spend time in prison. There will be men and women who believe they can have safe sex without a condom who will infect and be infected by others.

We read that Save the Children has been conducting workshops with nightclub owners to tell them about HIV and AIDS. 

Do they talk about underaged boys and girls going to nightclubs? Do they talk about paedophile men who come to take boys and girls home to bed? Do they give condoms to under aged boys and girls to take with them to the nightclubs?

The Russian Duma has legislated to block homosexual propaganda to minors. Mr Putin, please allow gays, lesbians and paedophiles to tell young boys and girls of the dangers of gay anal sex.

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