Monday, 10 July 2017


The Catholic church in Top Town Lae was crowded with well-wishers come to bid farewell to late Dr John Niblett. They were friends who were family, doctors, patients of the cancer ward and admirers who followed his career through the media. 

All spoke of the greatness and humility of the man. There were words of love, loyalty, friendship, courage, passion, compassion, honesty, humour, professionalism and commitment to cancer treatment to the very end.

Is he the man who died in distress, evicted from his hotel room, deported and with blockage of entitlements and a wife who may sink into poverty?

This country has a shameful professional outlook at the levels of bureacracy. Let the cancer ward be named the John Niblett Cancer Eradication Centre. That might become reality one day. He has laid the foundations.

His name will live longer than those bureaucrats in the Department of Health and Angau Hospital who sought to push him down. Cancer patients will honour him.

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