Wednesday, 12 July 2017


There was an interview on BBC Hardtalk with a young gay man who explained that he had always sought positive responses from community groups.

He did not present himself as an enemy of family but as a conservative gay who saw family as the foundation of society. 

In Papua New Guinea, we have suffered from anti-family gay, lesbian and paedophile activists who sought rights on the wreckage of family. They wanted to destroy the rights of parents but gave all rights to children.

Gay and lesbian rights have to be rejected as these people have never distanced themselves from the crimes of the paedophiles. To date there is only silence on paedophiles abusing children.

Many gays and lesbians are also paedophile and take sex where they can above or below the age of consent.

There are severe penalties against paedophiles and those convicted end up in prison. For that reason, many child victims are killed across the world to ensure their silence.

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