Friday, 2 August 2013


We read a report on the blog PNG Attitude that ATS is to be earmarked to settle refugees in Port Moresby with residents removed.  Surely this can not be true. Please click:

The real (and sad) story of PNG's ‘shanty town’
ATS stands for Air Transport Squadron and located at the Jacksons International airport. Let us hope that refugees would not be located beside high ground overlooking a military and civilian airport. All international, national and military aircraft would be in danger in descent and ascent.
Terrorists could use shoulder held missiles or roadside bombs on aircraft before disappearing into dense undergrowth. They did not come to Manus Island but by boat to the Indonesian border. The Chinese illegal entries do it all the time.
There has been discussion in the media this year that PNGDF HQ be located between ATS and the coast. They could have great neighbours.
Then we find that the Manus island refugee centre is located close to the PNGDF naval base at Lombrum. Naval vessels could be sunk at anchor in the wharf.
And it is all within the Australian forward defence zone. Perhaps military aircraft could use the old Ward Strip built during WW2. (joke). They could park the aircraft in the grounds of the Australian High Commission.

Refugee families would stand by helpless.

Daily hit tally:   111, 254

ব্লগ দর্শকদের মধ্যে সবচেয়ে জনপ্রিয় দেশের গ্রাফ


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