Sunday, 4 August 2013


There was a strange report on PNG Attitude last week from one BERNAMA of AAP. This person reported as a journalist on the arrival of some 40 refugees at Manus refugee centre.
The report was written in polished English and refers to a young man coming off the aircraft and shouting to journalists that he wanted to go to Australia as his family was there. Please click:
There may well be a reasonable explanation for this. But the question arises as to how the family was in Australia and he was a refugee without a visa.
There was another problem. The name BERNAMA is false. It is the Indonesian word for FAMOUS or WELL KNOWN. Did the report originate from Indonesia? Was it a boat owner? Was the man gay and seeking to establish a wife and kids.
How many of the 40 plus young arrivals were gay men? Keith Jackson should be more careful with the letters he accepts.

If the refugee centres are to be located at the Lombrum Naval Base on Manus and the Air Transport Squadron at Jacksons Airport, does this mean that Australia plans never to resurrect the maritime and air elements of the PNGDF? There will never be PNGDF ships and aircraft on the lookout for refugee boats.

ATS is not a squatter settlement. It has a large number of high covenant houses for PNGDF personnel. Vacant land at the back has been set aside for village houses.

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