Monday, 12 August 2013


Paedophile and proud. We love kids especially naked.

Over the last year, the Russian Duma has legislated to curtail the abuse of children by Russian and foreign paedophiles. There can be no more gay and lesbian propaganda in school curriculum and no adoption of children by foreign paedophiles disguised as gays and lesbians.
There has been a howl of protest led by paedophile supporter broadcaster Stephen Fry who may have lost thousands of British listeners. He wanted the Russian winter olympics taken away from Russia.
But he failed. There was no support from President Obama and PM Cameron who are building concern for the aggressive bullying of the homosexual activists. So Fry has lost his proposed black ban on the winter games and boycott of Russian vodka. Fry is a fool.

There is an overriding interest of many gays and lesbians in the Russian legislations on children. This means they are paedophile and want access to our children.
Now the tune has changed. The gays on the IOC are asking the Russians to undertake not to discriminate against foreign competitors who are gay and lesbian. No mention of paedophile. Please click:

Russia seeks to calm Sochi gay fears | Follows ...

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What stupidity is this? How are the foreign or  Russian competitors to reveal themselves as gay or lesbian? But there is the possibility that the Russian and foreign paedophiles will stage a demonstration at the Winter Olympic venue. They know the TV cameras of the world are focused.
They think they will hold the Russian Government to ransom not to take action. These fools have much to learn. Let their names be taken and given to the police in their home country for search of child abuse pornography in their computer files back home.

Perhaps they plan an international gay pride parade in the snow.

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