Friday, 23 August 2013


If the Russian Government plays its cards right, the winter olympics will become the gay, lesbian and paedophile Battle of Waterloo. They are basing their fight on false information against a lawful Government making laws to protect Russian families and children from paedophiles.
Russia is the first nation in the world with the courage to confront child molesters hiding among the gays and lesbians.
There are six months to go before the winter olympics and paralympics. That is more than enough time for the world to recognise paedophile lies and tricks to take back the Russian children.
We are told by an international media that there is world condemnation of what Obama calls horrific laws. This is grossly false.
The world nations are quietly watching the Russian and gay, lesbian and paedophile response. Mr Putin is protecting children. World media quietly claims he has another agenda. Let the world paedophiles explain why they want to adopt Russian children and why they have been blocked.
The legislation blocks propaganda to Russian children. Let the world paedophiles tell us why they want a gay and lesbian curriculum in schools. Are they educating or recruiting?
Let Obama explain why he supports a gay and lesbian curriculum in Massachusetts schools. Why did he contract a paedophile to direct the program? Is he a bit wet behind the ears?
Let the gays and lesbians tell why they do not oppose paedophiles.
Let the FBI, Scotland Yard and Interpol take note of world activists at the winter games and check their computer files back at home.
If the olympics are to be non-political, let activist athletes be disqualified. There are activists Simmonds and Hazel who have already taken a political stance in the media. They should be disqualified by the IOC.
We are told of international condemnation of Russia. No Moslem country will oppose the new laws. Mr Obama will support the homosexual campaign at Sochi even though the US judiciary is putting paedophiles in gaol for long sentences.
Millions of world citizens will support the Russian FAMILY focus once they know that Putin is not a modern Stalin. If the Russians could survive the Siege of Stalingrad in winter, a campaign by world rock spiders is nothing at all.
World gays, lesbians and paedophiles are no longer asking. They are demanding. It is time for them to taste defeat the hands of the world silent majority.
The paedophile push will fail. They may win the battle but lose the war. They are out of the closet. But the Russian activists then have to face their own Government. There would be those who define destruction of an olympic games as treason.

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