Monday, 19 August 2013


Gay and lesbian activists should have remained silent on the Russian laws. They have simply highlighted a probable hidden paedophile agenda for the Russian winter games. They have made paedophiles a world issue.

Over recent months, the Russian Government has found itself facing western bullying by people with a paedophile agenda. They opposed the internal law of Russia banning adoption of Russian children and homosexual propaganda given to children.
The Russian Government should be aware that homosexual and paedophile activists have bullied nations across the globe. Should we count UK PM Cameron threatening the CHOGM nations with loss of aid if they did not repeal colonial laws outlawing homosexuality?
Was Cameron's plan to ban child abuse on internet pornography just a political ploy? It only took him a couple of weeks to find he could not ban such sites.
We have seen bullying of activists in the South Pacific mainly from Australian aid and the United Nations. The Head of UNAIDS in PNG is a gay paedophile. The Head of UN Women was a lesbian predator. A senior New Zealand ex-politician is a lesbian working as a senior executive in the United Nations.
The main trick has been for gays, lesbians and paedophiles to take control of the United Nations. Teachers are taking control of the Education systems of the United States and South Africa.
They want to monopolize education of children in gay and lesbian sex. Parents are written off as homophobic. Obama stands by like a small boy and shouts support. He claims the recent laws of Russia are "horrific".  He appears not to be friends with Mr Putin. Body language tells it all.

Mr Putin has not helped by framing the laws in terms of gays and lesbians with no mention of child loving paedophiles.

The foreign controversy over the Russian games raises issues. Is an olympic games a venue for gay, lesbian and paedophile sex? Is sexuality a criterion for selection of competitors back in the home nation? How many coaches are gay, lesbian or paedophile?

What do the athletes do after the events are over? What do they do at night? Is the olympic venue the site of a gay, lesbian and paedophile social gathering? Do they invite the boys and girls working as guides and other officials? Russia keep watch.

It is time for other nations to ban adoption by foreigners with gay and lesbian propaganda in school curriculum. There was a spokesman for the Russian government publicly called homophobic on BBC internet by athlete creep Louise Hazel.

Daily hit tally: 114, 467

The Russians are reading.

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