Monday, 5 August 2013


There are good Christian people in PNG who express a Christian duty to help refugees. But in so many ways, these people are innocent lambs. Churches have opposed making Christianity the only faith.
These people see refugees as innocent families escaping from dictatorship and violence. Many are just like that. They want these people to come and be part of the PNG community. One clan even offered land in the highlands for Moslem farmers.
But such good hearted people do not understand the dangers involved. Not all refugees will be from loving faith families who will blend into PNG culture.
Boat people leave their countries without advising their Governments. There can be no police checks by UNHCR. Many will have false names.
Among asylum seekers will be murderers, rapists, bomb makers, military deserters, terrorists, paedophile gays, drug traffickers and traffickers of children.
There will be violence. Already there have been reports in the Sunday Chronicle 4 August 2013 of sexual violence at Manus centre as advised by the Australian Minister for Immigration Tony Burke. Since all refugees have been men, this would be gay violence.
Already we read in the media that refugees at Nauru have burned down 100 buildings in their recent riot. What havoc could occur if refugees are housed at ATS beside Jackson's airport in Port Moresby. There was a plan foiled last year of Moslem terrorists to attack Holsworthy army base near Sydney.
Much of the violence will be directed by refugees at other refugees. In recent months, the Sunni and Shia Moslems and Buddhists have been involved in violence.
Other refugees have come after the war. Bosnian refugees came after the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia. Vietnamese came after the Vietnam War. But the present refugees are coming during wars. Many will bring the war with them. 

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