Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Homophobic and proud
The world has fallen victim to the greatest hoax in the history of the human race. That is that paedophiles are part of the gay and lesbian community. They demand the same rights. To criticize a paedophile is to be accused of homophobia.
Prisoners in gaols call paedophiles "rock spiders" who hide in dark corners and snatch children. That is unless they have a ready supply of children as teachers, scoutmasters and clergy.
Paedophiles have taken the same rights as gays and lesbians. But we are led to believe that gays and lesbians do not recognise paedophiles. The fact is that a large percentage of homosexuals are also paedophile.

Prisoners tend to kill paedophiles as they see them at the lower end of the human scale. In PNG gaols, they have been gang raped and made to eat their own faeces.
We can tell that gays and lesbians are often paedophile as they do not lift a finger to dissociate themselves from paedophiles. They see paedophiles as their brothers and sisters. They do not see them as human vermin.

There are paedophiles in the United Nations who are never removed from their jobs. That is undoubtedly because many of the senior decision makers of the UN are also paedophile.

The Russians must not be intimidated by pressure of athletes to the winter olympics. They may be paedophile. Why else would they be concerned about laws limiting access to children?

President of the US Obama once said that he was on a learning curve on the issue of same sex relations. He missed out on the paedophiles. He sees that paedophile rights are part of the Constitution of the USA.

Paedophiles are the main clients for internet violent pornography of children. I want a video of a 14 year old boy having an iron rod stuck up his arse. That will be $ US 800. Please click:

BBC News - South Africa 'cracks child porn ring with global links'

3 hours ago - South Africa's police arrest six men suspected of being part of an
international child pornography ring, a spokesman says.

These are the modern version of snuff movies where children are tortured to death before a video camera. Who knows the future of Russian children adopted by foreign paedophiles?

If I found a paedophile abusing my son, he would find it difficult to do it again with his penis in the rubbish bin.

With gay and lesbian sex in school curriculum, there is now more opportunity and desire for teachers to see children naked and to molest children. Please click:

Former Newton teacher's participation in a child pornography ...


Jan 9, 2013 - A Louisiana federal judge sentenced former Newton elementary s
chool teacher David Ettlinger to 45 years in prison on Tuesday for his role in ...


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