Saturday, 3 August 2013


A recent report from BBC internet advises an Interpol warning to nations on Al -Qaeda gaol breaks in the world. How many years will it be before such a warning applies to PNG? Please click:

BBC News - Interpol issues global security alert linked to jailbreaks mins ago - BBC ... Interpol cited prison
escapes in Iraq, Libya and Pakistan, and asked its members to ... Al-Qaeda members were
among those housed in the facilities. ... The alert warned of "the potential for terrorists to
attack public ...
People in PNG think that refugees will be peaceful people who want only to contribute to PNG society. That may be partly true. We see such people in other countries. Do PNG people think that all Moslem refugees will abandon jihad and become PNG wantoks? It only takes a small group of extremists.
Some refugee settlers will eventually end up in prison just as will soon happen in Nauru after the riot. That will put PNG on the map for gaol breaks. Will Australia build a high security prison that can withstand break-outs?
The world is at war as declared by Moslem groups and known as jihad. PNG authorities seem like innocent lambs.
In the Midweek Chronicle, retired commander of the PNGDF Brigadier General Ted Diro said that Australia and Indonesia need help and PNG is in a position to give it. He urged people not to believe the scare campaign being conducted by some groups.
Foreign evangelists have to stop coming to PNG and promoting support for Israel. They are playing with fire.
Military planning requires us to work out all the weak points in a strategic plan. Setting up refugee settlements beside military establishments is a recipe for disaster. None of us knows what the future holds.

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