Friday, 30 August 2013


Over recent years, there has been a regular spate of attacks on internet by Australian paedophile activists opposing the Positive Living message. They work anonymously and make all kinds of hateful remarks about the founder of AIDS Holistics.
Reports on the anti-paedophile laws of Russia seem to have started up another hate campaign. One JKBougainville has obviously been angered by the way we have attacked the planned boycott of the Russian winter olympics.
JKBougainville appears to be an Australian anti-family paedophile activist probably working for Australian Aid or the United Nations. He has expressed hopes that I die and that my family is destroyed.

He says the world will be better off without me. He is referring to the paedophile world. This has been written by a true anti-family paedophile.
If there are further attacks, I will post all comments on this blog. The Australian paedophiles have no alternative but to make anonymous attacks just like the creeps of the American Klu Klux Klan.

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