Tuesday, 13 August 2013


There was a time when Josef Stalin was seen as the Russian anti-christ of the twentieth century. The older generation will remember the genocide of Kulaks, murder of politicians, arrest and execution without trial, gulags and the blue capped secret police. Then the anti-christ died in 1953.
The United States was seen as the upholder of the freedoms of the world. Those persecuted across the world found peace and freedom for themselves and their families, starting with the Pilgrim Fathers. Of course the indigenous Americans had to be removed first.
Today life is changing across the world with the HIV/AIDS pandemic and the free world takeover by gays, lesbians and paedophiles. US politicians came to know what side their bread was buttered on. The support for the movement started over twenty years ago with President Clinton. 
Now President Obama has made himself the patron of the gays, lesbians and paedophiles. He planned to be re-elected and knew that the homosexual vote was the key.
He has taken the freedoms to extreme to the point that freedom is available also to the predator paedophiles. He supported the perversion of education in Massachusetts with paedophile teachers giving sex education to all. Children were bussed to homosexual fairs, Children attended gay and lesbian appreciation weeks at school and joined gay and lesbian social clubs.
It was all supported by Romney and Obama. The Supreme Court dismissed cases filed by angry parents. Gay and lesbian education was permitted under the Constitution. Parents had no right to remove their children from such schools.
Obama appointed Kevin Jennings who brought education in anus licking and fisting to schools. Small children learned about penis sucking as beautiful love. Children were being sexually fixated at early age. Just what the paedophile teachers wanted.
But across the seas, the President of Russia Putin could see that freedoms had to be tempered by discipline. In 2013, legislations were passed banning non-traditional sex education to minors. Adoptions of children by overseas clients was banned, many of whom US paedophiles.
The banning was hastened with the same sex legislation in France and French same sex couples allowed to adopt children. The US and British paedophiles were horrified. The Prime Minister of UK Cameron saw that freedoms of homosexuals had to be tempered with care for families and children.
Cameron has moved to block child abusive pornography on internet. He refused to support banning of the Russian olympics. But not so gay patron-in-chief Obama who too would not support blocking the games but called the Russian anti-paedophile legislation "horrific". We are led to believe that Obama is Moslem.
Obama explained that the gays and lesbians had to go to the winter games and show everyone by winning as much gold and silver as possible. What a stupid remark. What on earth does gays and lesbians winning medals have to do with paedophiles molesting children?
He may think he is talking to homosexual idiots and has told whatever rubbish he thinks will keep them happy. Either that or he is running an evil anti-Christ presidential campaign to help US gays, lesbians and paedophiles take over the nation.

Daily hit tally   113, 237

USA and Russia lead the field

ব্লগ দর্শকদের মধ্যে সবচেয়ে জনপ্রিয় দেশের গ্রাফ

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