Saturday, 24 August 2013


At the 50th anniversary of the speech of Martin Luther King we are reminded that he gave rights to the African American people. His words saw that everyone had rights and responsibilities. Please click:


BBC News - Martin Luther King rally draws thousands to Washington

4 hours ago - Thousands have gathered in the US capital to mark 50 years since
Martin Luther King's famous "I have a dream" speech on civil rights.
But Barack Obama as President of the United States must not hide behind Martin Luther King to give rights to all gays, lesbians and paedophiles.
King spoke of oppression and brutality against ordinary people. Paedophiles are brutal and violent to our children and are among the forces of evil.
Obama has allowed teachers to be paedophiles promoting a gay and lesbian anti-family lifestyle among young school children. In Russia, Mr Putin has legislated against gay and lesbian propaganda to minors. Obama calls it horrific legislation.
Obama is giving rights to paedophiles in their sexual abuse of children. He knows that to move against paedophiles will cause the gay and lesbian movement to break up. But the US Judiciacry is putting paedophiles in gaol
Obama's action is like ignoring the Klu Klux Klan for fear of causing the communities of the US South to break up. Obama is abusing the spirit of Martin Luther King.


Remember the Klu Klux Klan. They were officers of the south formed after the American Civil War to keep the uppity niggers under control. They terrorized farm houses, burning buildings and hanging niggers from trees in full view of their families. They wore pointed hats to hide their pointed heads.

They stopped James Meredith from attending Little Rock University in the 1950s who enrolled only when protected by National guardsmen. They murdered white boys on the 1960s freedom rides. They declined only when infiltrated by the FBI.

The paedophiles of the world have sex with children. They can take children to molest and murder them. Paedophile men take videos for sale that show children being brutally and sexually tortured. 

They infiltrate international relief organizatios to have sex with displaced children across the world. They teach a gay and lesbian message. Paedophile teachers tell school children about gay and lesbian sex. They call all parents homophobic.

The paedophiles are protected by Barack Obama who includes them among the gays and lesbians.


Russian president Putin would be supported by Martin Luther King on the issue of paedophile rights and banning paedophile adoption of children and homosexual propaganda to children.

Daily hit tally: 115, 348

In the last 3 weeks, the Russian map has remained dark green.

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