Sunday, 29 September 2013


I Bruce David Copeland do hereby ban Jeffrey Nape from marrying my 16 year old daughter Rachael and reject any attempt by him to pay bride price. Her estranged mother agrees to the ban as she is not happy with the bullying of Rachael by Nape.

He found her at a point that I was in the Intensive Care Unit of the Port Moresby Hospital with a heart attack in 2010.

He found her through two low life pimps Bobby and his wife Susan who had found my mixed race daughter and had earlier offered her to politician William Duma but Nape paid more.

Nape met my 14 year old daughter at Vision City and gave her masses of money. Her head was turned.

I was angry when at last I found out but Nape pointed out that he had been a neighbour of my daughters at Morata beside their uncle when they lived with their mother.

He was concerned for the family and promised to help us at the time of my heart attack made worse by tuberculosis. He helped with money and promised K100,000 donation to AIDS Holistics. This man was a liar and con-man.

He could see that I was struggling with my illness so he offered to put us into accommodation and put my daughters into private school. I could no longer trek Kokoda.

This con-man did not do this. Our stay in a flat at Malaoro ended with outstanding rent of K37,000. The girls left the Salvation Army School with fees unpaid. He wanted to marry my 14 year old daughter but I refused.

He next planned to put her into her own apartment but I rejected this. So he half built a house at Morata with septic half finished and windows without bars. Raskols have broken in at night.

Nape has a psychotic attitude to my daughter having sex with men. He took her away from her father’s house and banned her from staying there. On the few occasions she has come, a security guard has come with her or followed her.

This creep who just came back from 2 months in Singapore with Belden Namah has an ongoing suspicion that she is having sex with men. Over 2 years, without her father’s permission, the creep took her for AIDS tests. She has attempted suicide twice.

He promised her father to pay school fees for her to grade 12. But this lying creep took her out of school in grade 8. He plans for her to live in a squatter settlement at Morata and have mixed race babies.

Her one desire is to go to school. But Nape is worried about her mixing with boys. That is why she can not go to church and has a security with her everywhere. It is to stop her talking to boys. It is terrible to be a middle aged man with a child bride.

He bans her from having mobile phones and has even confiscated phones given to her by her father. He tells her that her father has no authority over her and that he owns her. He has not paid bride price and she is only a 16 year old minor.

Last weekend she left him when he started accusing her of sex with men. She will not tell her father what he said to her but it seemed to centre around sucking men’s cocks. He is not fit to be her husband.

She left him in the street and caught a taxi home to her father. A security guard arrived some 30 minutes later. She went home because Nape has a new trick up his sleeve.

He gives her a little money each day. If she annoys him, she does not get it. She can not give food to her mother who stays with her. He is starving Rachael and her mother into submission.

His security guards can come into my house without knocking. Yet this creep has banned Rachael's father from his massive palace at Morata. She is required to sleep there despite her father's objection. He owns her.

She told him she would leave him the next time he accuses her of sex with men. On the weekend, he forbade her to go to church as he claimed she would be looking for men in church. He can do what he likes. He owns her.

Nape has abducted my daughter. He will not allow her freedom. My daughter is afraid. She tells me that if I go public on this, Nape will have me killed. He will use his political influence to destroy my capacity to look after my family.

He is not allowed to marry my daughter. My ex-wife and I will not accept bride price from him. He is not fit to marry my daughter. He will bully and intimidate her for all her life. She will commit suicide as she has attempted twice.

The last time I put a report on this blog, Rachael came to me begging to take it off or Nape will kill me. She said he had promised to give her freedom. Some short time later she said this was not true. She was just afraid for her dad.

Nape tells her she has had sex with her dad. I immediately sent him a text telling him that if I were a highlander I would cut his f…… arms off for saying that. But he needs to find a reason for taking her out of her father’s custody.

Rachael has said that if Nape has me killed, she will kill herself. Then he can face the Tirokave clan.
I have no confidence in taking legal action. Friends warn me that Nape's influence extends to the Courts and police.

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