Thursday, 13 November 2014


Over the last 3 years, there has been a false picture set up in PNG media on the violence to women in Port Moresby markets. It all started at the hands of lesbian activist Elizabeth Cox who has a history of making false stories to advance her own career.

She has painted a grossly false picture of Gordons market with claims of men pushing in and stealing money from women vendors. The claim was made two years ago of two rapes which was even debunked by the then Minister of Police.

Now there is a new trick in the Post Courier dated 14 November of raskol gangs of Gordons Market vowing to help the police to clean up the market.

The media report claimed that Gordons bus stops and market are notorious for petty crimes such as bag stealing, valuables taken from locked vehicle, harassing of the elderly, sale of stolen goods, drugs, disorderly behaviour and even daylight rape attempts.

The raskol gangs are reported to have stated that they have had enough and are helping the police with an interest in having projects funded to turn them into useful members of the community.

So that is what it is all about. It may be that young men have turned up all over the town to take advantage of the scam. They claim to be raskols based on Gordons market.

I have been going to Gordons market for over 8 years to buy fruit and vegetables. In that time I have seen one bag snatch and a man being bashed by a woman.  One man was stabbed at the bus stop.

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