Wednesday, 26 November 2014


There has been a massive hoax in Port Moresby started by the UN Women on violence to women in the markets of Port Moresby. It has gone on for about 3 years to the point that people are saying it must be true.

The focus has been on Gordons market that consists of a large sale area and surrounded on one side by a large bus stop. There is very little violence and intimidation of women in the market area with at times dozens of women seated selling their fruit and vegetables.

It seems as if the United Nations is pressuring the police into action that may not be necessary. There has been violence at Gordons market. About 3 years ago a clan fight ended within a short time.

There was a stabbing of a soldier in the bus zone outside the market. Then there was a fatal stabbing of a young police officer in the last fortnight in the bus zone. This was very unfortunate. It seems as if a small squad of police with dogs would do the trick to stop random raskol activities.

There is a massive problem building up in the markets and roadside selling. That is the violence and corruption of police who arrive at a market in police vehicles, determined to destroy all.

I saw a police vehicle in the Gerehu market beside the shopping area raided by police about a month ago. A similar raid occurred at the Waigani market. Hundreds of people fled before rifle fire and tear gas.

Police fire their weapons causing law abiding citizens to scatter. Police smashed and kicked down all stalls, even belonging to drink and clothes sellers. Tear gas caused panic among citizens.

The money from vendor sales was seized by police. Tables were kicked down and set alight. Others were driven over by the police vehicles and systematically crushed. So families went hungry that night with all their market assets stolen and destroyed by police.

Had there been objection, that person would have been bundled into a police wagon to be charged with obstruction of police in performance of their duties. So police have a free hand.

There is a key problem at police stations on control of police. All police officers have the right to arrest and not to be stopped by the Police Station Commander. That means that any constable can be corrupted with a payment to make any fake arrest asked for.

Police Station Commanders have no control over the violence and corruption of police from their station at town markets.

It has to be getting to the point at which the community is seeing police as the public enemy. Let us hope that the community does not react with violence against marauding police ransacking markets on the excuse of stopping betel nut sales. Betel nut is seized and police are often seen stuffing betel nut into their pockets as they return to their vehicle.

A police spokesman expressed fears in The National 28 November 2014 of officers abused, threatened and chased with bush knives. A policeman friend advised that four officers a week have been assaulted at Gordons market in recent times. 

Are the police inflicting the damage on themselves? What were they doing when assaulted? Are they innocent victims like the young policeman who died recently? He had only just started his career.

The United Nations is undoubtedly full of glee at recent events. Their false reports appear to have a glimmer of truth. So there were no rapes at Gordons market two years ago as reported by the UN. But there could have been. The UN has made a series of self-fulfilling prophesies or blatant lies.

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