Thursday, 13 November 2014


There is a constant propaganda campaign in this country on violence to women and girls. That is partly true. But there is another cruel picture that is apparent in the nation. That is violence of mothers to small children.

There is regularly seen young mothers dealing punishment to young boys and girls of the age of one year and upward. So when we read of the violence to children, we assume that to be at the hands of men.

But there is so much violence to children at the hands of mothers and aunties. A child comes crying while the mother is playing cards. Bash. A child soils the floor in the house. Bash. A child wants an ice cream and cries. Bash.

Yesterday I saw a child crying in town and being knuckled by a woman on the skull. He screamed and cried in pain and was knuckled again. I told the mother to kick him. She was ashamed.

Many uneducated mothers do not see the difference between training and punishment.

In the media today there was a report of three children who died in a house fire while the mother was away playing cards.

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