Saturday, 29 November 2014


A generation of HIV sufferers is now on anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs. Most will not know of the horrors of AIDS that had afflicted people in the past and present.

ARV returns the sufferer almost to normal with the HIV blocked in the vessels of the blood and lymph systems and the attack on the small intestine stopped. The virus replicates in the millions of CD4 cells protecting the gut wall from leaked infection.

Digestion begins again with absorption of nutrients, salts and water through the new epithelial cells of the gut wall that have been given time to renew.

We must never forget the horror for HIV infected people in isolated areas unable to obtain supplies of ARV. Others even in urban areas may never have been tested.

Blockage of the small intestine prevents absorption of water, salts and nutrients. The water-salt balance is destroyed upsetting the whole metabolism of the body. It is worse for gay men infected by gut parasites from licking anuses. They have a double attack.

Break-down of nutrition in body cells comes to a halt. The body has no reserves of protein and has to take existing protein from the muscles. The finger and toe nails start to crack while the hair falls out. The person becomes skeleton like.

The virus breaks through the blood-brain barrier causing brain damage and injury to the optic nerve. Dementia comes but has several causes including the break down of absorption and dehydration.

The infected person in later years suffers dementia with fears of attack by evil people and demons seeking to kill. This can have a fearful effect on family. The sufferer may wander away and miss out on taking the daily ARV drugs.

Families have enough problems without being accused of stigma and discrimination. I looked after Linda and our son for 3 years and know all the fear that her HIV brought to my little family. My son died in 2002 while his mother died in 2003.

She would not let her family know of her infection so all the blame passed to me. She looked like a skeleton so it must have been my fault. She screamed at night so I must have been hurting her. She was always unhappy so I must have been abusing her.

On the basis of this, AIDS was banned at the levels of the UN and Foreign Affairs PNG by lesbian predator Elizabeth Cox of AusAID and gay predator Stewart Watson now Head UNAIDS in PNG. Please click:



They spread the word that Positive Living was a false message and that Linda was being abused. She was certainly being the HIV virus.

They were protecting the secret AusAID gay and lesbian agenda from any focus on FAMILY. They also banned any mention of the attack on the gut lining. It was too close to the gut parasite attack on gay anus licking men. Not good publicity for gay sexuality.

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