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The National Papua New Guinea 18 November 2014

Every human being is entitled to his rights I am gay and a human being. I did not plan this having no say in my creation.  I was wonderfully made as you were.

Most of us in our community live in constant pain and fear. We worry about taxes, family obligations, rascals, corruption and high cost of living.

What we worry about most is that society will not accept us for what we are or far worse, that our family will stop loving us.

It is terrible to grow up in a society that tells you there is something fundamentally wrong with you. You begin to hate yourself. In your heart you know that you are a good person but society tells you otherwise.

To family, friends and colleagues who make insensitive jokes about homosexuality, it hurts more than you will ever know. You crush our self esteem and make us resent who we are.

I love God and he knows my heart. When I think of God, I think of love and believe he loves me.


I read this letter with compassion for gay and lesbian people who suffer under the lack of acceptance in the community. Nothing they do is acceptable. I wrote a similar response to a letter like this about 4 months ago.

There are two levels on which to view this letter. First is on the level of gay and lesbian men and women who struggle for their existence within the community. The problem is compounded by hostility of community groups.

Second is on the level of the gay, lesbian and paedophile activists many of whom infest the United Nations with a criminal agenda. They are destroying the credibility of ordinary gays and lesbians.

They have hijacked the AIDS agenda to be replaced with a strategy that is hostile to men and paints a picture of abuse and violence to women. They have censored the attack on the gut for their own purposes. See report below.

The average gay and lesbian activist is a liar, cheat and bully. They falsify statistics on violence and falsely paint the picture of abuse of women and girls. They can not be corrected but build lies upon lies.

They do not grant men any kindness towards women and girls. One UN report claims that 60% of PNG men confess to gang rape. Liars.

Only two years ago, there was a false 6 nation report presented at a UN conference in Thailand. The survey claimed a high level of rape in marriage in the six nations. 

The survey was said to be conducted in Buka Papua New Guinea. Even the President of the Autonomous Region claimed that there was no such survey. So all the findings were fake.

At the same time, there was an open air meeting of UN activists at Gordons Market to discuss the claimed violence.

Surprise surprise there were two rapes the week before. The Minister for police announced that this was false. The lesbian UN activists setting up their own rape scene.

The lesbian activists have been busy in Papua New Guinea over several years. They worked to hijack the AIDS message and replace it with a human rights message based on fake statistics.

Even today, the HIV sufferers never find out about how to live with the virus. The lesbian activists will prefer to talk about the violence of men.

What about the progression of the infection? Not interested. What about the importance of water, fruit and vegetables? Not interested. In what year does dementia start for people not on ARV? Not interested. But we can tell you about violence to women.

So the ordinary gay and lesbian person has the problem of being spoken for by lying, cheating and bullying activists who know very little on HIV/AIDS infection.

The focus is on destroying family unity. Do the gay and lesbian grass roots support this? They have to be as there is overwhelming silence. Or they are afraid of the activists.

Then there are the paedophile activists who seek to give more freedom to children and destroy the authority of parents to achieve this.

We must never forget the advice of Stewart Watson Head of UNAIDS in PNG who told us that we must not hide behind FAMILY and FAITH. These are two areas the gay and lesbian activists have marked down for destruction.

So the evil of the activists will rub off on to the ordinary gay and lesbian person in the street. 

Do we accept the equality of same sex marriage if it means a gay and lesbian curriculum for schools, adoption of children by gays and lesbians, youth leaders to be gay and lesbian, churches to be forced in law to accept openly publicizing gay and lesbian clergy

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