Friday, 14 November 2014


Our blog has recently come under the attention of certain key officers in Papua New Guinea. It is time to post a summary of this blog so far. We have had two blogs on Positive Living, one started in 2001 but stopped when Geocities was sold out.

That blog opened the issue of Positive Living and attracted 1,600,000 hits in 5 years. On one day in 2003, there were 1600 hits, an all time record for us. The second blog began in 2010 and has attracted 159,000 hits to date. The Positive Living message is now old news.

We did not invent the Positive Living message but put together all the known factors, based on family living, nutrition and healthy living. The message was one of the four out - of - conference topics at the Chiang Mai HIV/AIDS conference in 2001.

We have been severely attacked by gay and lesbian advisors from AusAID and the United Nations who wanted to focus not on family but on (1) abuse of women (2) violence of men and (3) rights of children to leave the family. They have hyjacked the AIDS message to this very day.

Their most damning trick was to censor the attack of the HIV on the gut lining to hide the closely related attack of gut parasites on faeces licking gay men. 

The attack on gut lining is key knowledge in the fact that breakdown of the gut lining blocks absorption of nutrients, salts and water. This is what reduces the sufferer to death. 

ARV drugs kill the virus in the blood and stop the gut attack. Intake of water, salts and nutrients lifts the capacity of the gut to absorb.

But most of all, we have stressed the importance of family to bring peace, hope and strength to people infected with HIV.

We need to stress that 40% of sufferers in Papua New Guinea do not have access to ARV. This reduces their life span to the maximum of 10 -11 years. In the later stages, they may well horrify the family with hallucinations and violence.

We have stressed the importance of circumcision in men by proper medical means. This is one factor in reducing the vulnerability of men by removing the CD4 cells on the inside of the foreskin. 

They need to use a condom to make sure and to treat any rashes, cuts and sores on the penis which provide a second door to HIV.

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