Friday, 28 November 2014


There is so much false information in the community on family support for people living with HIV/AIDS. It has been turned into false ideology against family.

Most families are struggling to exist and find great difficulty with any family member suffering from HIV infection. 

Many young people have become infected through a promiscuous lifestyle and given their family trouble by boozing, staying out at night and refusing to be part of family life. 

Foreign lesbian activists have used these people to spread on anti-family message and given a false message of rejection. But rejection of their family may be closer to the truth.

So HIV sufferers had started a new trick. They have kept away from family and pretended to have been rejected. It may have been their boozing and violence that caused the problems. They become part of the foreign lesbian propaganda machine against family and expect to be looked after.

All the young people at 3 Angels Care had rejected family and planned to take over the centre as their permanent home away from home. The young man had been rejected by all his brothers through his drunkenness and violence. He bashed his wife at the centre.

He used to work for UNDP promoting....wait for it..... Positive Living. He spent all his pay on booze. So we had a drunken, violent, wife bashing, family rejected bum promoting Positive Living and telling of rejection by family. Great work if you can get it. You can fool most of the people some of the time.

One young woman had rejected her husband who was also HIV positive and started a relationship with her cousin thus making problems for both families. Her new boy bashed her at the centre. She would talk of stigma and discrimination by family.

The situation becomes even worse for the family, particularly in isolated regions where sufferers have no access to ART. In the later stages of infection, they will suffer from dementia with delusions and hallucinations. They will believe that they are being pursued to be killed.

They will become violent, forever seeing people waiting to harm them. What does the family do when the HIV loved one is now terrifying the family, particularly the children?

Dementia is often accompanied by wandering. The person will disappear and only come back if found in the town. The problem may be that memory loss has caused them to forget how to come home.

They forget the number of the bus or PMV. The young woman may have had sex with many men in her wanderings. She is now mentally retarded.

Hallucinations at the end of AIDS may be so frightening as to be seen as evidence of sorcery. I looked after Linda dying of AIDS. 

She thought an old lady from Samarai turned into a black bird and was waiting at night in the trees outside the house to kill her. Neighbours and my children would hear hysterical screams at night. I can still hear her 12 years later.

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