Thursday, 20 November 2014


UN Ambassador ignores families and paedophiles. Over the last decade, the PNG AIDS message has been basically paedophile. It is about breaking down family and giving children their rights. No mention of responsibilities. The US leads the moral decay in the family.

Over recent days, there seems to be an upsurge in public pressure to accept gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons as a global challenge, central to the US commitment to promoting human rights, to quote the words of President Barack Obama. Sexual imperialism.

It seems that the US ambassador has now weighed in with a media statement tinged with rose coloured glasses and a very simplified view of sexuality. He wants all such minorities to be respected in this nation.

He promotes the view that such people are not treated with respect by the community and this is the cause of their HIV infection and inability to make use of services.

The community is to blame. There is no understanding shown that HIV/AIDS brings fear. There are people spreading the virus intentionally. Gay men often do not reveal their status to their partner.

North seems oblivious of the fact that parents worry about their children being infected. I am very afraid that my 16 year old daughter could be gang raped by men who give her the virus. If held over 30 hours, with no ARV treatment, she could be infected for life.

North says that when trying to achieve an AIDS free generation, intolerance and hatred create barriers that keep the most vulnerable from accessing essential services. What is he saying about medical support in the nation and the professionalism of care workers?

This is a gross exaggeration. We are being pressured to legalize gay and lesbian sex as this is the basis of all the problems, so we are told by the activists.

The fact is that HIV infection is soaring across the world in the gay community. It is no fault but the gays themselves. They are not using condoms and are continuing anal sex and anal licking. But somehow the blame is being pushed on traditional society by the gay community.

Legalization of gay and lesbian sex will fix it all up. North does not for a moment discuss the reasons for bisexual men and women. Many have been perverted as children by paedophiles.

There has been a massive upsurge in paedophile activity in the world. Child sex is the new past-time for paedophile men who are riding on the back of the gay and lesbian rights. They are often hidden gays who have sex above and below the age of consent as available.

Remember "Sweetie" the mock-up pretty little 10 year old girl on internet who attracted thousands of paedophile men in recent months wanting to see her perform sex acts on web-cam. We have to respect their rights to see little girls naked. Be tolerant. Don't be homophobic.

The police of the world are placing massive focus on paedophile activity and the networks on internet that show child pornography and violence. There are gay and heterosexual paedophiles.

No-one promoting gay and lesbian rights ever distances themselves from the paedophiles who are their brothers in sex.  This includes Obama and North. They just throw it all together in a call to the so-called homophobic community to practise tolerance. We have to tolerate paedophiles. Who tolerates families?

It is presented as part of an AIDS free society. North never mentions family. It is all about respect for and tolerance of individuals – gay, lesbian, bisexual and transvestite. No mention of paedophile. Mr Ambassador, your slip is showing.

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