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The National 28 Nov 2014 - Letter to the editor

Gender violence is deplorable. It happens all over the world but currently media initiatives to tackle it in PNG appear totally one-sided and ill-conceived as only men are to blame.

If PNG women want their men to behave like gentlemen, then they have to behave like ladies too. PNG women are hot tempered and aggressive. They can get drunk and be stupid too.

In my view, the only way to reduce domestic violence is to teach couples how to solve conflicts on a constructive way, without both sides losing their temper.

Comment: The campaign to promote women’s rights in Papua New Guinea has been flawed by the UN and AusAID lesbians. They focus only on women and blame all men.

They make fake statistics on violence to women and girls. All violence is blamed on men whereas much of the violence reported to care organizations may be deliberately attributed to men but caused by other women and girls.

They tell women and girls of their rights but do not include men. The lesbian activists do not want men to cooperate but appear to still bash women. Not all men are violent.

The Seventh Day Adventist church put the figure at 60% of women bashed and 46% of men abused by their wives. We are in an era of women’s rights and much is abused by women and girls.

Many women spend their time playing cards and not looking after the family. They drink homebrew and smoke marijuana. They bash their small children who disturb them.

The long time trick has been to bash husbands and then run to the police, brothers and uncles to complain about violence to them.

My daughters’ mother would accuse me of sex with women. That enabled her to refuse to wash clothes and cook food. Get one of your prostitute girl friends to do your jobs. She would bash me and then run to her uncles to cry domestic violence. 

She lasted two years before I kicked her out. My two daughters are with me. Their mother lasted one year with another man who kicked her out for stabbing him in the stomach.

There is obviously trickery among some women in making police reports. We assume that violence is started by men. But it may be the women.

My daughters’ mother was violent and tried to have me deported for womanizing and domestic violence. But it was all started by her. She had no proof when I went to National Court for custody.

UN lesbian activists do not want peace between women and men. They want ongoing confrontation. Tell the women of their rights but not the men.

Tell women they can go to discos, make contact with men by mobile phones, have sex outside their relationship, use family money to play cards, hold all market sales money and tell lies to Medecins Sans Frontieres about violence. 

Care group lesbians undoubtedly falsify all statistics on violence. Even if a man came for treatment, he would be recorded as a woman bashed by a man. Lesbian activists have several tricks to inflate statistics.

I had been bashed by my daughters' mother many times. Had I gone to a lesbian supported care group, I would have been recorded as a woman. Put this person down as having been bashed 45 times. That makes 496 bashings of women this week.

A recent report stated that 87% of PNG women suffer violence in their lives. It would be more accurate to state that 100% of all men and women have suffered violence in their lives. 

I have been bashed in PNG. My nose has been broken. I have been stabbed twice. My jaw has been dislocated  by a king hit. I have been hit by a rock and a smashed beer bottle. Ignore all that. He's a man. He probably deserved it. No I did not. I am just a gentle dad.

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